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Concrete Tilt Panels

When it comes to commercial building projects, many architects opt for concrete tilt panels over other methods of concrete construction. Tilt up panels are recognised as a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution because all construction occurs on-site. This eliminates any transportation costs, including vehicle hire.

A second benefit of concrete tilt panels is their ability to be custom-created for every unique project. Each concrete tilt panel is created in a purpose-built formwork, before being lifted by a crane and positioned in place.

The process of creating tilt up panels

First, the formwork is created on location. This is a custom-built, wooden frame constructed in the precise shape needed to cast the concrete. A separate formwork is made for each tilt up panel, as the formwork is designed to match the size and shape of each concrete panel and account for any windows or doors. Think of the formwork as a mould.

In order to create strong, durable concrete tilt panels, steel reinforcement such as mesh and deformed bar is placed inside the panel formwork.

Once the formwork is complete and the steel reinforcement is added, the concrete is ordered, poured, and cured. If more than one of the same panel is required, we apply a chemical agent to the first layer of concrete. This prevents tilt panels from bonding to each other. A second layer of concrete is then poured on the first, creating a stack of tilt up panels. This is an effective space-saving solution.

When all tilt panels cured to the specified concrete strength for lifting (generally 25 mpa), they are ready to be lifted and positioned. There is no need to transport the panels to site as they have been created, conveniently on-site.

Benefits of on-site concrete tilt panel construction

On-site tilt panel creation is one of the top advantages of using tilt up construction. Here are just some of the benefits that come with this effective construction method:

  • No transportation fees: this can be a massive cost reduction, as transporting large, heavy concrete panels can be incredibly expensive.
  • Fast build time: once the concrete has been finished for that specific panel, the construction for the next panel on the stack can start, the process is surprisingly time efficient.
  • Custom designs: all formwork is built to suit your unique requirements.

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I have been working with Simon for the previous 2 months on our industrial unit development at Molendinar. Simon always arrived ahead of time to assess the site conditions and completed all the tasks at hand in a professional manner. His management of time constraints and ability to problem solve situations was truly appreciated. In my 25 years working with tilt panel contractors, it was a pleasure to work and deal with Simon. Project Manager - Burnie McLaughlin


Company Name: One Sector Construction Pty Ltd

Hutchinson Builders Testimonial: Brett Washington

I have recently had the pleasure of working on a project with the crew at Tilt Construction QLD. During this time I found both management and site workers to be of a very high standard and exceptional quality.

Tilt Construction QLD were awarded the job to construct the Tilt panels for a recent Shell Service station in Booval. These works were carried out in a very professional manner, with a very high standard of finish achieved. This was the first time I had used this company and I will continue to use them as they required very little supervision. The project had tight time frames and a high level of quality assurance required for the job.

The crew onsite completed their works ahead of time frame and with no quality issues. Hutchinson Builders Quality manager inspected the site while these works were being carried out and commented on how neat and tidy their work area was and also the high quality of finish on the Tilt panels.

In summary, I highly recommend Tilt Constructions QLD to other companies and will continue to use them myself on future projects. They are one of the most professional sub-contractors I have worked with.

Site Manager
Brett Washington